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We provide event staff for private parties and events.

Celebrate With a Twist employs a talented team of bartenders and event staff. We are dedicated to making each event an affair to remember. Our bartenders have been professionally trained in the art of making spectacular cocktails. 

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Why Choose Us?

Our bartenders and servers, are known for carrying out their assignments gracefully and efficiently. They know how to create an intimate space around the bar, regardless of the size of the venue. 

Our goal is to achieve the highest quality of bar service in our area, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in ensuring a pleasurable experience for all.


5 Reasons to Hire a bartender for your private party


You want a simple backyard party, a tailgate party, a Summer or Fall campfire party, a block party, long holiday weekend with friends. You don’t want to make a big deal out of it. So, why should you consider hiring a bartender for your event?

We have five great reasons to hire just the right bartending service:  

1. What should I serve? How much should I buy? 

A good bartending service will help you decide on what the best choices are for you to purchase based on your individual preferences and those of your guests. Based on their past experiences, your bartending service can end up saving you money on soft drinks, beer, wine and hard alcohol. 


2. How can I get it all done? 

A good bartender will help you set up and clean up. The bartender sets everything up in plenty of time before the arrival of guests and is ready for service. This frees you and your family up to greet your friends and family with full attention. A good bartender is also on top of keeping their area tidy during the party so that there are not empty glasses and bottles strewn about. At the end of the event, the bartender helps to clean up. 


3. How do I make a Harvey Wallbanger? 

Your bartender will know exactly how to properly make a wide variety of adult mixed beverages. Your guests will be pleased to receive their favorite cocktail just the way they like it!  

4. A good bartender keeps the party moving 

As guests arrive, many may head straight to the bar, creating a bit of a line. The bar is often the hangout spot at an event. A good bartender is capable of working with speed and accuracy, with a good amount of pleasant personality in order to manage the line efficiently, and make sure that each and every guest feels they have received good service. 

5: What if Uncle Irving gets tipsy?  

You can trust your bartender to serve responsibly. Experienced bartending staffs can spot someone who has imbibed a bit too much and use that experience and training to discreetly cut someone off, saving the host from having to deal with embarrassment or conflict during the event. Bartenders can also take care of any issues of serving to minors. They are usually quite good at spotting the young person who is trying to ‘put one over’ on them in order to obtain alcohol. 

As you are making that list for your next private party or big celebration, remember to consider hiring a professional bartending service to your plans. This will help to make your event memorable for both you and your guests. 


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Celebrate With Love ~ Marriage Officiant Services


Wedding Officiant - Deena Donnelly

I want to help you make your wedding day the joyous celebration that you have always wanted! So I would love to use my experience in the wedding industry to make your wedding uniquely yours.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives. So, I take my role as the one guiding your ceremony seriously. I make every effort to develop a close relationship with you so that we can express your vision for your wedding. I will provide warm and gentle guidance which will help create a wedding experience that beautifully expresses your personalities and relationship, and becomes a lasting memory that you will cherish throughout your lives.

About me

I approach public speaking situations with enthusiasm which motivates me to bring everyone else into the moment. Unexpected surprises, which can and do happen during formal events like weddings, do not surprise me. I easily adapt to all such sudden occurrence with spontaneity and poise.  

My training makes me fully aware of the great significance and value of your marriage. I take my role in your wedding seriously, so you will find me committed, helpful, timely and well-prepared. Because I approach your wedding professionally, I am able to keep it fun!  

As an ordained minister, I preform weddings for couples in all different types of venues and locations.  I am a warm, caring, and humorous person with many hobbies and interests that I share with my family and friends. These qualities carry over into my wedding preparations and ceremonies so that you and your guests will truly enjoy the wedding experience. 

Planning Your Wedding

 This day is about YOU so my task is to make sure that the two of you genuinely experience a wedding that expresses your personalities and relationship.

We will meet to discuss your wedding and share our personal views and interests. Together we will build a good relationship and discover a common focus for your ceremony. We will develop a synergy that will flow into your service and wedding experience. We want to display your personalities and special style as a couple in all that we do.

I can provide logistical advice and gentle guidance, I help reduce the stress of planning your wedding. Through my experience and resources, I can show you how to envision and realize a wedding that embodies your dreams and interests, and in the end, exceeds your expectations. Also, I offer many creative ideas for specializing the ceremony for you, such as in your vows.

Your Ceremony

 Your ceremony will provide you and your guests with a joyous, meaningful, and engaging ceremony. Delivered with a good-natured authenticity and light-hearted enthusiasm that easily connects with your family and friends, your celebration will make them feel comfortable and involved. The tone of the wedding will be romantic, relaxed, dignified, and professional.

My collaboration with others involved in the wedding, including wedding planners, musicians, and members of the wedding party and family, ensures that everything will run smoothly. My goal is to create an atmosphere of ease and enjoyment with all involved so that everything moves forward in a steady flow which allows the ceremony to come off successfully. And if unexpected changes occur at the last minute, which can happen before or during even the best-planned event, my experience and flexibility will help me to adapt smoothly to any new circumstances. 

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